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Capsule Technology for the Diagnosis of Colon Diseases

Capsule Technology for the Diagnosis of Colon Diseases (Enlarge)

Capsule technology for the diagnosis of colon disease was introduced for children from the age of two and younger (weighing 10kg) and is conducted in Israel by the Institute of Gastroenterology, Nutrition and Liver Diseases at Schneider Children's, headed by Prof. Raanan Shamir. The multidisciplinary team comprises doctors, nurses, dieticians, psychologists and social workers.


Video capsule endoscopy enables images to be photographed along the entire length of the small intestine after ingesting a pill containing a camera and flash. The tiny camera transfers the images to a portable detector worn by the child throughout the period of the examination. The child arrives for the test after fasting for several hours and does not require sedation. All he needs to do is swallow the pill and wear a belt with a recorder. If a child is unable to swallow the pill, endoscopy is used to insert the capsule into the duodenum.


According to Prof. Raanan Shamir, "The staff in the Institute utilizes this advanced technology to diagnose various diseases in children, including bowel inflammations, digestive tract bleeding after a negative endoscopy, follow-up of patients with polyps in the small intestine, and more. The Institute staff is proud to pioneer this test in children, which is relatively easy and simple."

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