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Open Safety Pin Removed

Open Safety Pin Removed (Enlarge)

Specialists at Schneider Children's were amazed to discover an open safety pin lodged in the esophageal wall of an 11-month-old infant while investigating the reason for his prolonged fever. The chest x-ray showed that the pin was lodged in the upper third of the infant's esophagus which could have led to heavy hemorrhaging and other complications and represented a real danger to his life.


The infant was transferred immediately to the Institute of Gastroenterology, Nutrition and Liver Diseases at Schneider where an endoscopic examination was performed to remove the pin. After the child was sedated, a tiny pair of pincers was threaded through an optic gastroscope inserted into the infant's esophagus which grabbed the pin and extracted it.


According to Dr. Yoram Rosenbach, senior physician who performed the delicate procedure, "Regrettably, we often see cases where toddlers and infants have swallowed small foreign bodies such as coins, batteries, buttons and sharp objects that could cause injurye to the digestive system, and sometimes even be fatal. Parents should closely watch infants and children under the age of 5 and move small items out of their reach."

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