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Friends of Schneider Children's Medical Center


is an association of friends which has supported Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel since its inception in 1992. The organization was established for the purpose of enhancing the development and advancement of the hospital and has, over the years, been instrumental in raising funds for construction, acquisition of medical equipment, research grants, and special projects and programs.


Financial resources are needed in order to ensure that the hospital remains on the forefront of medical achievement, maintains high-profile medical excellence, acquires state-of-the-art medical equipment and conducts cutting-edge pediatric research. Obtaining these resources is where Friends of Schneider  Medical Center steps in.


Friends of Schneider Children's Medical Centeris a registered non-profit organization that operates according to the rules and regulations of registered charities in Israel. Prominent business people as well as key public and society figures are members of the association. All are volunteers, some having been active in the association since its founding. Israel Makov serves as President of Friends of Schneider Children’s, and Ronen Tov as Chairman of the Executive Committee.


The association's strategy and policy of designated contributions are directly based upon the hospital's annual work plan and requirements, and are fully coordinated with hospital management. Additionally, and in order to respond to the special needs of our young patients, Friends provides humanitarian aid to sick children and their families, funds medications and devices not covered by Israel’s National Insurance Institute, covers dental treatment for transplant patients, and offers socio-economic support for families of children (upon the recommendation of Social Services) who undergo prolonged hospitalization, to mention just a few additional objectives.


Friends of Schneider Children's have made the following procurement and construction projects possible:

♦ Neurosurgical microscope for operating rooms
♦ Gamma camera for Psychological Medicine
♦ Advanced equipment for the Oncology Department
♦ Renovation of and advanced equipment for the refurbished Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
♦ Interconnected iMDsoft computerized systems for the Surgical Suite and Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
♦ Equipment for clinics and institutes including Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology, Pain Management, ENT,

   and Pediatric Intensive Care
♦ Establishment of a Pulmonary Function Laboratory
♦ Establishment of a Pediatric Hypertension Follow-Up Center
♦ Research grants
♦ Para-medical staff reinforcement
♦ Continuing education courses for pediatric residents and nursing staff
♦ Electrophysiology equipment for the Cardiac Institute
♦ Educational equipment, music and art therapy programs, and medical clowns for the Educational Center
♦ Expansion of the Emergency Medicine Department and Day Care Hospitalization Unit
♦ Activities of the Psychological Medicine Department

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