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Schneider Children's marks 20 years

Schneider Children's marks 20 years (Enlarge)

On Sunday, October 30, 2011, Schneider Children's Medical Center marked its 20th anniversary. To celebrate the occasion, the Schneider hospital atrium was festooned with colored balloons, and employees were greeted with hot coffee and pastries upon arrival by management and participated in the cutting of a huge cake decorated with the hospital's logo. Also present was Ms. Lynn Schneider, daughter of Irving and Helen Schneider, founders and benefactors of the hospital.


The official opening ceremony of Schneider Children's took place on October 29, 1991 in the presence of Irving Schneider and his late wife, Helen; Mrs. Aura Herzog, wife of the 6th president of the State of Israel, Mr. Chaim Herzog, and president of the (then) Public Council for Schneider Children's (today Friends of Schneider Children's); Ehud Olmert, Minister of Health, Nahum Pessa, CEO Clalit, Prof. Yehuda Danon, the first Director of Schneider Children's; and many guests from Israel and abroad.


The establishment of Schneider Children's in the fall of 1991 brought with it the winds of change, and a novel and progressive understanding of a hospital solely dedicated to children, which placed the child at the center in a setting suitable to his and his family's needs. The existence of many pediatricians skilled in a variety of specialties, all working together under one roof, created a new medical dialogue about the treatment of children. Schneider Children's changed the standards as well as hospitalization conditions forging acceptance of sub-specialties especially for children. Since its inception, Schneider Children's has become the model for imitation, and the magnet for medical students, residents and specialists from Israel and abroad, alongside recognition as one of the leading pediatric medical centers in the world.


Throughout the past two decades, Schneider Children's has made history in the field of pediatric care both in Israel and internationally. Specialists broke ground when they performed the first multi-organ transplant in Israel, when they conducted open heart surgery in a premature infant weighing 800 grams and a pulmonary valve transplantation for the first time via catheterization, when they discovered genes that cause mental retardation, when they led the country with the artificial pancreas program, and when they pioneered advanced surgical, therapeutic and research techniques. Two senior physicians from Schneider Children's were named Israel Prize laureates in medical research, a source of great pride for the hospital: the late Prof. Rina Zaizov who was awarded the Israel Prize for Medical Research in 2005, and Prof. Zvi Laron, who was awarded the Israel Prize for Medical Research in 2009.


Prof. Joseph Press, Director of Schneider Children's, stated that "the management team and I are thrilled to celebrate the hospital's 20th anniversary together with all hospital employees. Today, alongside the pride of our past achievements, we look ahead with intent to continue to lead pediatric care in Israel for many years to come."

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