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A new ER at Schneider Children’s

A new ER at Schneider Children’s (Enlarge)

On November 23, 2010, the new ER at Schneider Medical Center was launched following eighteen months of arduous reconstruction, expansion and overhaul. Emergency Department (ER) patients can now enjoy a modern, spacious department, designed to allow the efficient flow of patients and reduce waiting time.


The newly expanded ER is comprised of four treatment areas: a 60-seat waiting area with wide aisles, TV and information screens, diapering area and kitchenette; reception areas for the fast ("green") track and for stretcher patients who are referred for further treatment following initial intake by a nurse who assesses patients upon their arrival at the ER; a spacious well-designed treatment area with individual rooms for the child and his family; an observation area where children are monitored prior to discharge or hospitalization.


A Q-FLOW computerized system manages the flow of incoming patients by posting the necessary information on display screens, and by screening a short film which demonstrates various procedures that the child and parents are likely to encounter in the ER.


Friends of Schneider Children's Association raised NIS4.5 million (about US$1.2 million) towards the reconstruction of the new ER.

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