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Skiing with Transplanted Organs

Skiing with Transplanted Organs (Enlarge)

A group of six children and youths who had undergone organ transplantation at Schneider Children’s Medical Center flew to the TACKERS ski camp on the Swiss Alps for the sixth consecutive year thanks to the generous contributions Schneider Israel of Rama and Mody Einav to Friends of Schneider Children’s. The group was accompanied by two nurses from the hospital. Sun-Dor Airlines was most instrumental in financing the children's flight.


The TACKERS ski camp annually devotes one week of activity to hosting children and youth from all over the world who have undergone organ transplantation. The week has tremendous meaning to the recipients: for most of them, it is the first time they experience real independence, and it is their first chance to make a break from their daily routine of staying at home and in hospital. At the ski camp the children participate in skiing lessons, and enjoy art, dancing and painting activities, as well as dog-drawn sleigh rides.


The TACKERS project was initiated by Ms. Liz Schick, who operates a ski equipment shop in a ski resort in the Swiss Alps. Liz had undergone a liver transplant operation several years ago, and initiated the project following this upheaval in her life. Ms. Schick visited Israel twice in order to participate in cycling events organized by Friends of Schneider Children's.

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