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Fundraiser at the Home of Hulda and Yoav Levy

Fundraiser at the Home of Hulda and Yoav Levy (Enlarge)

Friends’ annual fundraising event took place at the home of Hulda and Yoav Levy in Caesaria to support the refurbishing and upgrading of the Day Care and Follow-Up Care Clinics in the Hemato-Oncology Department.


The activities of the Hemato-Oncology Department have expanded and increased over the years to such an extent that the original facilities can no longer meet present day needs and demands. The refurbishment and upgrade of the Inpatient Department, the Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit and the Educational Activity Room were completed two years ago. As a result of the broad-sweeping overhaul, children are now hospitalized in vastly improved and top quality conditions. In direct continuance, the hospital planned to start the upgrade of the Day Care Unit and Follow-Up Clinics.


Attorney Yoav Levy, a veteran member of the Executive Committee of Schneider Friends, and his wife, Hulda, generously opened their home for the event. Manny Pe'er, renowned Israeli entertainer, served as Master of Ceremonies at the event which included a public auction of artworks. The Mel Rosenberg Quartet performed a jazz recital.


Friends of Schneider Children’s expresses its sincere appreciation and admiration to all who contributed their time and generosity towards the successful fundraiser.

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