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Schneider Children's 2013: Stats Show Growth and Productivity

Schneider Children's 2013: Stats Show Growth and Productivity (Enlarge)

December 2013

Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel concludes a year of productivity and success during 2013 and prepares for 2014.

• 53,000 children were treated in the Emergency Medicine Department (ER)
• 16 infants and children were connected to the ECMO machine, which replaces the heart’s function, among them a 3-year-old toddler who suffered from myocardia. For the first time in Israel, the child was connected while still in the ER to the ECMO machine which saved her life because of the fear that her heart would not withstand the transfer to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
• About 13,200 hospitalizations were registered in the various departments at Schneider, amounting to some 78,000 hospitalization days
• 33 children underwent organ transplantation and received a new lease on life; among them, 20 children had kidney transplants; 12 children had liver transplants; a 28-year-old had a heart transplant. Five of the 33 transplantations took place within 72 hours
• Some 7,000 surgeries were performed in the hospital’s 6 operating rooms including about 500 cardiothoracic and vascular surgeries and 270 neurosurgeries
• About 1,900 youngsters underwent dialysis treatments in the Dialysis Unit
• 630 catheterizations were performed in the Cardiology Institute
• 920 premature and newborn infants were treated in the Neonatology Department, of whom over 200 were premature infants weighing less than 1.750kg
• About 950 children were treated in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
• About 186,000 visits were registered in the outpatient departments and institutes
• 2 children from the Philippines underwent surgery for repair of a cleft lip and palate. They were brought to Israel by a team of Schneider doctors who were part of an Israeli relief team sent to the Philippines in the wake of the disastrous typhoon
• Prestigious accreditation "Registered for Quality and Safety" was accorded by the Joint Commission International (JCI) in recognition of Schneider Children’s high medical standards and that all activities are coordinated and conducted safely according to regulations and the latest extensive scientific knowledge available today in the field. The advanced insignia accorded the hospital of QPS – Quality of Patient Care – graded it second in the world following a hospital in Japan.
• A cluster of seven strong magnets were extracted from the stomach of a 7-year-old boy in an emergency procedure because their passage into the child’s intestine could have led to hemorrhaging and further complications including perforation of the colon. Doctors used an ingenious and innovative technique to attract the magnets by inserting a small metal rod through the endoscope into the child’s stomach. The magnets stuck to the rod which allowed their careful extraction via the esophagus.
• 60 hard-of-hearing children began to hear again following cochlear implants in the ENT Unit and rehabilitation in the Audiology Institute
• 33 foreign nurses, doctors and students from various countries including the USA, Spain, China, India and Kazakhstan underwent advanced training
• Over 185 papers were published in professional journals by doctors at Schneider Children's, among them an article in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine
• About 26 matriculation examinations were completed under the aegis of the Educational Center
• Some 1,500 donors including individuals, businesses and organizations in Israel and abroad, contributed to Schneider Children’s during 2013 through the Association of Friends of Schneider Children’s
• More than 30,000 children visited the Starlight Room, a multimedia center for activities for children at Schneider established by the Our Children organization, and more than 15,000 gifts were distributed to hospitalized children by the charitable association as part of their “Gift for Every Child” program
• About 3,300 articles, reports, interviews and newspaper items about Schneider Children's Medical Center appeared in the various Israeli media during 2013

Schneider Children’s comprises 271 beds plus an additional 50 beds in Day Care Hospitalization. The medical center employs a skilled and dedicated staff of 1,500 doctors, nurses, paramedical professionals, lab technicians, administrative staff and housekeeping teams, who serve children and their families who arrive at the hospital for medical care.

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