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Schneider Children's 2014: Stats Show Growth and Productivity

Schneider Children's 2014: Stats Show Growth and Productivity (Enlarge)

December 2014

Schneider Children’s concludes a productive and fruitful 2014:


⋅ 54,000 children treated in the Emergency Medicine Department (ER)

⋅ 24 children connected to the ECMO system, which replaces heart function, among them Michael and Yitzhak Gross of Jerusalem when their hearts were affected by pesticide poisoning in their home.

⋅ 13,500 admissions amounting to 78,000 hospitalization days

⋅ 41 organ transplantations: one heart transplant, 20 kidney transplants and a record of 20 liver transplants

⋅ 8,200 surgeries including 500 cardiac and vascular surgeries, and 220 neurosurgeries

⋅ 440 dialysis treatments

⋅ 1,200 catheterizations

⋅ 1,000 premature infants and newborns treated in the Neonatology Department; 209 weighed under 1.750 kg

⋅ 820 children treated in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

⋅ 189,000 visits registered in the various clinics and institutes

⋅ Over 400 psychological hotline calls received during Operation Protective Edge

⋅ Significant progress in the Artificial Pancreas project: consecutive 3-day trial took place using a tablet in children’s homes

⋅ 8 foreign bodies extracted from a 14-month-old’s esophagus

⋅ 59 cochlear implants

⋅ 13 foreign medical personnel from Russia, Poland, Latvia, Romania, Kosovo, Nigeria, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, the USA and Kenya underwent advanced training

⋅ 185 papers published

⋅ 600 ongoing research studies at any given moment

⋅ 57 matriculation exams written in hospital

⋅ 3 fundraising events by Friends of Schneider Children’s

⋅ 40,000 children visited the Starlight Room

⋅ 3,800 articles, interviews and stories in the various Israeli media featured Schneider Children’s

Schneider Children’s comprises 271 beds, of which 50 beds are assigned to Day Care; employs 1,500 doctors, nurses and para-medical professionals, who make every effort to promote the recovery and health of hospitalized children.

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