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Debora Elbling celebrates her 90th Birthday

Debora E. for Schneider Regional Medical Center (Enlarge)

Debora Elbling was born in Warsaw, Poland on September 18, 1921 and made Aliya as a toddler of almost two in 1923. She grew up and went to school in Tel Aviv, joined the Hagana, and married Abraham Elbling in 1942. During the War of Independence, the family relocated to Ramat Gan. Abraham and Debora had three children: Ofra, Sara and Ariel. The pillar of her extended family, Debora now has eight grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren.


The almost-Sabra, an incorrigible Zionist, Debora’s love of Eretz Israel, the Hebrew language and the people have always characterized her. Three years ago, following the deaths of her husband Abraham, and her son Ariel who had succumbed to cancer, Debora moved to the assisted living community of Bayit Bakfar in Gedera.


Upon the celebration of her 90th birthday, Debora expressly requested that any birthday gifts be dedicated to children in the Oncology Department at Schneider Medical Center.

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