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Baby Ella for Schneider Children's Hospital (Enlarge)

Baby Ella was born in London to Tova and Marc Benezra at 26 weeks gestation weighing only 760 grams. She has since outgrown her micro nappies and doll-sized clothes, and is gaining strength and developing more every day.


The Benezra family, originally from Israel, wished to make a gesture to benefit Israeli newborns. They decided to launch a fundraising campaign through the UK Friends of Schneider Children's Hospital and the Just Giving website towards the purchase of an infant ventilator in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Schneider Children's Medical Center. Since Ella’s birth, the family has been inundated with good wishes of love, concern and support from their friends and the community.


Tova and Marc Benezra: “Everyone kept asking us 'what can we do to help?' So we decided to try and raise money for medical equipment for a neonatal unit in Israel. The equipment not only will assist doctors and nurses with stats and vital information, but also will simply save lives. Whilst we are currently living in London, Ella has been cared for in the neonatal unit at Barnet (who have done a great job). We heard that Schneider Children's Hospital in Israel needs to refurbish their neonatal unit. The hospital is considered the 'Great Ormond Street' of the Middle East and cares for sick and premature babies and children from the entire region. They are presently seeking contributions towards the upgrading of the neonatal unit.


“Thanks to all those who have made generous contributions, we have already raised enough money to buy an infant ventilator for the NICU at Schneider which will help many more babies like Ella. We are so honored that because of her, other babies will be given the same chance that she was. We would like to continue fundraising and hopefully reach our target with your help and generosity and raise enough money to be able to make a difference and give these pre-term babies a real fighting chance. We hope and pray that Ella will continue to develop and get stronger. Thank you so much.”

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