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The Major Udi Winter Endowment Fund

The Major Udi Winter Endowment Fund (Enlarge)

A research endowment fund was established by Efraim and Freda Winter through Friends of Schneider Children’s to commemorate their son, Major Udi Winter who fell in action during the Peace for Galilee War. Efraim and Freda Winter had been long-time volunteers at Schneider's Medical Center. Even after Efraim passed away following a long illness, Freda has continued her volunteering work with great dedication.


The first grant from the Major Udi Winter Endowment Foundation was awarded to Dr. Yael Gozlan for her research concerning the influence of genetic mutations on the development of MODY-type diabetes. The presentation ceremony, attended by Freda Winter and members of her family, took place in March 2009 as part of Schneider Children’s Annual Research Day.


A second grant was presented to Dr. Patrick Stepler, senior physician in the Pulmonary Clinic, for his work on the comparison of breathing sounds in asthmatic children with those of healthy children. The presentation ceremony took place in February 2011 during the Schneider’s 6th Research Day Conference in the presence of Freda Winter.




5th research day

March 2009


6th research day

February 2011

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