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Promoting the Sanctity of Life - The Racheli Endowment Fund

Promoting the Sanctity of Life - The Racheli Endowment Fund (Enlarge)

In 2007, the Bezalel Family of Petach Tikvah, initiated an endowment fund in memory of their daughter Racheli through Friends of Schneider Children's. Racheli had been active in sociological research at Bar Ilan University; the Fund aimed to support pediatric cancer research and outstanding practitioners in the Oncology Department.


Racheli, who came from an Orthodox family, served two years in naval intelligence prior to starting her studies at Bar Ilan University. While a student, she worked as a research assistant in the Department of Sociology and as a technician at the Sleep Laboratory. In 1998, she graduated magna cum laude in sociology and criminology. Racheli was an outstanding scholar with an inquisitive mind and a sensitive spirit.


Grants from the Racheli Endowment Fund have been awarded thus far to Dr. Helen Toledano towards her study of brain tumors in children; Dr. Shifra Ash for research of immuno-therapy in neuroblastoma tumors; Yael Ben Gal for her investigation of staff’s concept of sexuality in children and adolescents with cancer; and to the team of social workers in the Hemato-Oncology Department for their care of families at the hospital.


The proverb "Through their death they bequeathed life to others" rings true for only a few people. One of them was Racheli Bezalel who passed away at the young age of 34. In commemorating her memory, the Bezalel Family brings a message of life and hope to all young sufferers of cancer. The Hemato-Oncology Department at Schneider Children’s holds an annual awards ceremony attended by Racheli's family, which occurs on the anniversary of her passing.


First research grant

awarded to Dr. Helen Toledano

Second research grant

awarded to Yael Ben-Gal

Third research grant

awarded to Dr. Shifra Ash

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