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“Noar La'Tet” from Kfar Kassem visits Schneider Children's

“Noar La'Tet” from Kfar Kassem visits Schneider Children's (Enlarge)

June 2015


Children from the youth movement “Noar La’Tet” (lit. youth who give) from Kfar Kassem visited Schneider Children’s recently at the initiative of staff social worker Aruah Faridge. Prior to their visit, the youngsters organized a special bazaar in their school in Kfar Kassem together with their counselor, Rena Sarsur. The proceeds raised at the bazaar were contributed to Friends of Schneider Children’s.


During their visit, the youngsters toured various departments in the hospital and heard explanations from the multi-disciplinary staff at Schneider Children’s about the activities and also met some hospitalized patients and their parents from Arab communities.


“Noar La’Tet” was established to instill values of volunteering, social solidarity, mutual exchange and compassion, in addition to promoting leadership and encouraging social initiative to improve society. The youngsters' involvement in building initiative and participating in volunteering helps them to forge a stronger society while influencing the image of Israeli youth.


Social Services at Schneider Children’s is headed by Dr. Ofra Aran, and comprises 25 social workers, who form part of all medical teams in the various departments and clinics of the hospital. Among their many tasks, social workers provide support for children and their parents and assist families in dealing with the crisis of illness. Social workers offer advice and counseling to parents, make contact with the various agencies in the child’s community, and collaborate with the medical team which treats the child. Social Services also organize support groups for sick kids, their parents and their families, information groups, and counsels staff members.




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