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Friend's New Board Members & A Generous Donation

Friend's New Board Members & A Generous Donation (Enlarge)

January 2016


The general meeting of Friends of Schneider Children's association, which was held on January 5th, included the appointment of four new members: Adv. Efrat Bar Natan, Mrs. Tzipa Carmon, Mr. Akiva Mozes and Mr. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld. We welcome the new members warmly and hope their joint efforts will benefit Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel (SCMCI) tremendously.


At the general meeting, the AccuVein project was presented to the members. The digital devices display a map of vasculature on the surface of the children's skin in real time, allowing the medical staff to verify vein patency and avoid valves or bifurcation. This project will ease the tension and stress, and spare pain from all hospitalized children at SCMCI.


New board member, Mr. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld, was the first to announce a donation towards the AccuVein project. His donation was matched by Mr. Israel Makov, the president of Friends of Schneider Children’s. Together, these two donors launched 2016 with devices guaranteed to meaningfully reduce unnecessary pain and stress from the SCMCI children.


At the picture: Dr. Efrat Harlev, SCMCI deputy director, Mr. Israel Makov, Friends of Schneider president, Mr. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld, Friends of Schneider board member and Prof. Joseph Press, SCMCI director.

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