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A Generous Donation to Commemorate Ella Levy

A Generous Donation to Commemorate Ella Levy (Enlarge)

In memory of Ella Levy, who had been treated in the CF Graub Center at Schneider children’s, her family donated a CO2 Sensor which is a novel technology that allows continuous "prick free" monitoring of breathing efficacy. Using the latest opto-electronics and digital signal processing technology it continuously (in "real-time") monitors O2 saturation, CO2 levels and pulse rate non-invasively ("prick-free"). A probe is simply applied to the skin of the child (even very small newborn babies) like a plaster. This new monitor would greatly improve the diagnosis, treatment and safety of - amongst others - children with chronic lung disease like e.g. cystic fibrosis, muscle weakness that renders their respiratory muscles inefficient and dependency on continuous mask ventilation at home.

The staff at the CF Graub Center feel very lucky to have known such a lovely, sincere, brilliant, vivacious young woman.  Her sense of humor was very contagious. She had the courage to look at life, facing it head on and as a result of that, she lived life at full.  She was multitalented and knowledgeable in a wide range of worldly topics.  We have a high regard for her determination and strong will.  Ella was an extraordinary human being. We love her and miss her dearly.

During the commemoration ceremony Prof. Hannah Blau, Director of the Pulmonology Clinic, said: “Having known Ella since she was a young girl of 9, it was a privilege to accompany her as she blossomed into a brave, brilliant, intelligent and witty young woman. She faced incredible challenges in her brief life- including battling CF and its accompanying woes, a major car accident and chronic pain. And yet, she lived every minute of her life to the full, capturing our hearts and challenging us as well, as she often balanced quality of life with the burden of hours of daily therapy that we insisted she do. She lived and loved well, met and marriage husband who was a true match, cared for those around her including her cats, and never missed a clinic visit though coming by train from Beer-Sheva so frequently. Beyond this she had a brilliant career in English literature and linguistics, as we witnessed at the memorial service at Ben Gurion University. Ella will be remembered in love and respect and will be sorely missed by the Graub CF center team at Schneider's hospital.”

Quotes from an essay Ella wrote "The Bus Stop">  > "And when you are lying down on the soft whiteness of your favorite cloud, your soul is the image that you would like to be. The bodies call it an ideal, a fantasy, an unrealizable dream; souls see this in reality. Having ascended to the sky, the white cloud becomes everything that it is – and we are all beautiful, our images are beautiful, and our thoughts, opinions, all our essence is beautiful. And we are ourselves... One of the philosopher-souls said once that since we are all so different here, and since everyone only stays a short time, this place reminds him of something familiar – a simple regular bus stop. A many-colored crowd of people; you come for a couple of minutes and then are gone."







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