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Medical Excellence

Schneider Medical Center of Israel, a member of Clalit Health Services, is a tertiary pediatric medical center, unique in Israel and the entire Middle East, which offers comprehensive medical treatment to children and adolescents. The hospital opened its doors on October 29, 1991 thanks to its founders and key donors, Irving and Helen Schneider of New York, USA. The medical center was established following a thorough survey of Israeli health services, projected population growth and the need for pediatric care in the country. The hospital is affiliated with the Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University.


Schneider Children's is the only hospital in Israel whose resources are dedicated entirely to the treatment of children and adolescents from birth to age eighteen. The hospital offers a wide array of modern medical services for all pediatric disciplines under one roof. These include cardiology, heart and chest surgery, organ transplants, oncology and bone marrow transplants, dialysis, endocrinology and childhood diabetes, urology, plastic surgery, child development, gastroenterology, neurosurgery, pain management, and psychological medicine. Schneider Children’s comprises an advanced emergency and trauma unit, a modern surgical suite, an imaging complex including pediatric nuclear medicine, a day care hospitalization unit, a variety of outpatient clinics and more.


The hospital has set high standards of medical professionalism and excellence. Since its establishment, new pediatric specialties and sub-specialties have been introduced. As the only hospital in Israel dedicated exclusively to children and adolescents, Schneider Children's treats the most complex cases. About 8,000 surgical procedures are performed annually in the hospital's six operating rooms, ranging from laparoscopy (minimally invasive procedures) to the most complex operations of the digestive tract, organ transplantation and neurosurgery. Most pediatric organ transplant surgeries in Israel are performed at Schneider Children's, which serves as the national referral center for pediatric kidney and liver transplants.


The Cardiosurgery Division is one of the leading units of its kind and offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment to youngsters with cardiac anomalies. The range of equipment and procedures utilized by medical teams accord accurate assessment of cardiac disorders with appropriate solutions for each child. Outcomes are on a par with leading medical centers in the world.


Almost half of the 258 beds at Schneider Children's are dedicated to critical care. Three designated intensive care units for neonates and newborns, general pediatrics and cardiology attain a recovery rate of about 95%, a level achieved by only few hospitals in the world. The three ICUs are the largest of their kind in Israel, and annually treat about 1,800 infants, children and adolescents.


The Hemato-Oncology Department is the largest center in Israel for the treatment of children with cancer and severe blood diseases, and comprises a unit for bone marrow transplants. The Department's medical teams have succeeded in dramatically improving the survival prospects of children with malignant diseases.


The National Center for Childhood Diabetes, which forms part of the Institute of Endocrinology, is one of the largest type-1 diabetes clinics in the world, and the first in Israel to introduce a holistic, multidisciplinary approach in a specialized field. Almost 80% of child diabetics in Israel are treated at the National Center, a world leader in developing new approaches in the treatment and prevention of childhood diabetes as well as in the transplant of pancreatic cells. The Institute participates in a global project to develop an artificial pancreas, which will revolutionize the treatment of diabetes.


The Emergency Medicine Department treats about 54,000 children annually - the busiest ER in the country - and is capable of handling any emergency contingency. Medical care relies on the Imaging Institute - a state-of-the-art digital technology center, where radiation exposure to children is greatly reduced. The Institute offers high-level diagnostic imaging modalities with storage and data retrieval capabilities. The Institute of Pediatric Nuclear Medicine, which serves as a national referral center, is the only one of its kind in Israel.


Schneider Children's takes pride in its broad research activities in all fields of pediatric medicine. One of the unique and most meaningful aspects of the hospital’s efforts lies in its ability to apply the latest findings of laboratory research to benefit sick and hospitalized children. This emphasizes the importance of integrating basic and clinical research in the work of a tertiary medical center.

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