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A Child is Not a Small Adult

at Schneider Childrens Hospital

Schneider Children's Medical Center is all about children's health and their well-being. This approach gave rise to a unique model for a hospital - pediatric services tailor-made for children, not for "small adults". Upon arrival, the child encounters a sun-drenched convivial atrium or a colorful, spacious and modern Emergency Department. Outpatient clinics and hospitalization wards generate a sense of tranquility.


Children are sometimes hospitalized for long periods of time and often require frequent visits to the various clinics for prolonged medical care. As a result, normal daily routines are necessarily interrupted and educational needs must therefore be addressed within the hospital.


The Educational Center works under the aegis of the Ministry of Education and has 24 staff members, among whom are special education teachers and therapists, both from the Jewish and the Arab sectors of the population. The main objective is to provide continued and optimal educational growth and development to the hospitalized child according to the child’s age, physical condition, cognitive and emotional state and language. The educational staff believes it is their duty to educate the hospitalized children alongside their medical condition and not despite it.


In order to ensure that chronically ill children with complex conditions remain in close touch with their natural environment, the educational staff offers the following assistance:
♦ Coping with hospitalization
♦ Structuring and creating order in the “new world"
♦ Preparing for medical procedures
♦ Empowering the sense of control
♦ Maintaining normal school studies and links with the child’s school


Offering scholastic support to the sick child is crucial to rehabilitation and promotes transitioning back to normal routines. Studies are adjusted to each individual child or adolescent depending on the length of hospitalization and the child’s medical and emotional condition.


Computer classes operated by the Educational Center allow children and adolescents to make progress with their school assignments via the internet, email and educational programs, and to acquire basic computer skills.


The staff of the Educational Center operates the White Room (“Snoezelen”) - a multiple senses stimulation room (light, color, sound and touch) which consists of all-white décor and soft lighting and furnishings. These special surroundings enhance free movement in a calm and secure atmosphere, promoting the child’s self confidence, decreasing anxiety and pain and reinforcing the sense of control.


Schneider Children's Hospital firmly believes in the healing power of laughter, and the team of medical clowns at the hospital plays a significant role in supporting the child and his family throughout the various stages of diagnosis, treatment and recovery. The hospitalized child's need for simple liberating laughter is met by his encounter with the medical clown. The clown establishes direct contact with young patients, without barriers of language or culture, and creates an atmosphere of humor, calm and normalcy. Each ward has its own medical clown who works in full cooperation with the educational staff.

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