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Comprehensive Approach

Comprehensive Approach

Since its inception, Schneider Medical Center has set new standards in pediatric care in Israel, and has become recognized as one of the foremost pediatric institutions in the world. Through its practice of "whole-child care", a distinctive multidisciplinary approach, medical treatment is accompanied by the support of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, child development experts, physiotherapists, occupational and speech therapists.


A child is not just a patient, but also a member of a family, a school and a group of peers. In caring for a child, not only must the illness be treated, but adjacent needs must be taken into account as well. The hospital’s unique comprehensive approach regards the child and his family as one entity. To this end, the multidisciplinary staff provides all-encompassing care concerning the child's developmental, emotional and social needs, while providing complementary support to the immediate family.

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