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The Daniel Rose Family runs the Disney World Marathon

The Daniel Rose Family runs the Disney World Marathon (Enlarge)

Daniel Rose has been running marathons for more than 5 years, and recently completed his 7th marathon in Washington D.C. Daniel sees marathons as opportunities to raise money for charities that are close to his heart. Due to the generosity of friends and family over the years, he has raised a significant amount in contributions Schneider Israel. Here are some of his impressions from the January 2012 Disney World Marathon.

"I have been running marathons for some years now, and since my first marathon exactly 5 years ago, I have run 8. For that first marathon in Tiberius I also raised money for Schneider Medical Center in Petah Tikva in honor of my nephew who was then being treated by the Oncology Department at the Hospital. It seemed the natural thing to do, to thank the hospital for the wonderful work they do, and to somehow give some positive meaning to the terrible situation our family was facing. Five years on, and how wonderful it is to reflect on the successful treatment of our nephew who is now a beautiful boisterous 6 year old who had just entered first grade in Ranaana. In celebration of him and this wonderful milestone, our family, his uncle, aunt, and 4 first cousins, decided to all run races in Disney World during the Disney Marathon Weekend. To raise more money for Schneider Children's was the natural thing.


And so, I embarked on training for my 8th marathon, my wife Jacqueline began training for her very first race, a 5km circuit of Epcot Disney park, our 4th and 2nd grade daughters Orli and Keren prepared themselves to run a mile, and 4 year old Aryeh and 2 year old Eliya ran 200 and 10 metre races respectively. What a wonderful experience this was for all of us to take on this challenge as a family, knowing that we were helping the hospital in some way just as they had helped our cousin Ze'evi 5 years ago.


The first of the races was Jacqueline's 5km. We all woke up at the ungodly hour of 5am on the Friday morning so we could make it to the start line together with 10,000 other runners for a 6:30am start. The rest of the family waited patiently at the finish line while Jacqueline made her way around the course finishing in a highly respectful 38 minutes. We had just enough time to return to the apartment for breakfast before we left for the kids races beginning at 11am. First up was Eliya who was a little overwhelmed as she waited on the start line with perhaps another 50 2-3 year olds with their parents. As the announcer shouted ready steady go Jacqueline and Eliya ran hand in hand to the finish line 100 meters away. How proud we all were when she received her Mickey Mouse medal! Next up was Aryeh who ran the 200 meters all on his own, with a huge grin for the entire race. He was so fast that I found it difficult to keep up as I tried to take as many photos as I could. Yet another proud recipient of a Mickey Mouse Medal. An hour later saw Orli and Keren embark on their mile. Although they had both run a mile previously in school sport lessons, they were still somewhat nervous. But as soon as Mickey Mouse himself got the race underway they soaked up the sunshine and atmosphere and ran almost the whole way to the finish in a speedy 11:55 minutes. Time for a relaxing Shabbat with only my race to come on Sunday morning.

Unfortunately my training for this marathon had not gone well at all, and I had suffered from several small niggling injuries preventing me from putting any serious preparation in. The race began at 5:30am. The first 5 miles were pain free and enjoyable but then the pain began and just got worse and worse but I was so determined to finish this marathon somehow, bearing in mind the whole time the significance of the race for the whole family and for all the people who had kindly donated money for our efforts. I stopped at the medical tent and had my knee strapped up, which amazingly gave me another 6 miles of running before I just couldn't continue running because of the pain. But I refused to give up, and chose instead to walk the remaining 7.2 miles. While this was a most frustrating experience and gave me my slowest ever finish time (4:49) I am so proud of my perseverance and achievement, perhaps even prouder than my fastest marathon of 3:30! Marathons bring the best out in people, and for me it is a wonderful and spiritual experience watching people push themselves to their limits and even just watching the spectators cheering the runners on always makes me really emotional. Walking the last 7 miles gave me more opportunity to take the time to observe this, and be inspired by it.

We are all so proud of ourselves as a family that we took this challenge on and rose to it, and even more proud that we could raise some much needed funds for the excellent Schneider Children’s Medical Center, an institution that will forever be close to our hearts."



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