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Funds Required for Post Traumatic Stress Program for Children in Israel

August 2014


Dear Friends and Supporters,


The entire population of Israel are experiencing very sad and difficult times during the current conflict. What can we do to help?

The UK Friends of Schneider Children’s Hospital is proud to be supporting The Institute for Childhood Stress and its Trauma Program.


The aim of this program is to provide direct, targeted intervention, during and after missiles’ attacks, to Israeli children who suffer from severe traumatic stress disorders.

Missiles’ attacks on civil population cause post traumatic stress and anxiety disorders among children and adolescents.


Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel is the optimal entity to provide immediate relief to stress and acute trauma suffering in Israel. The Program will provide 3 types of services:

1. First aid teams (operated by psychologists and psychiatrics) will operate in clinics located in cities that suffer most from missile attacks. The teams will provide anti trauma interventions that will cure early severe symptoms of trauma.


2. A direct hot-line will continue to provide immediate support to hundreds of daily phone calls. Calls are made by parents who seek guidance to support their children.


3. Short term treatments will be given to children who will need further treatment following the first aid support.


To provide this invaluable service to traumatised children, Schneider relies on donations.  Please open the attachment if you would like to see the costs involved.


To donate from here in the UK is so simple. You can donate on-line on our justgiving page
Or you can send a cheque / charity voucher made payable to ‘UK Friends of Schneider Children’s Hospital’

to J Larholt, Treasurer, 29 The Rise, Elstree, Herts WD6 3JR.


All donations will be sent directly to Schneider Children’s Medical Centre of Israel.


We thank you in advance for your support,


Zena Behrman and Cynthia Roberts
UK Friends of Schneider Children’s Hospital



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