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Donations made to mark special festive occasions, such as wedding anniversaries, silver/golden anniversaries, bar/bat mitzvah, birthdays, new homes, birth of children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren are much appreciated.

We suggest your invitation read: "Kindly make a donation  in lieu of a gift".


A special personalized framed certificate acknowledging the contribution will be issued in the honoree’s name/s. The certificate serves as a memento of a meaningful gift as well as a unique greeting card.




contributions Schneider Israel

Lee Oz Celebrates Bat Mitzvah

Lee Oz Celebrates Bat Mitzvah

Lee Oz, from Melbourne, Australia, asked all her Bat Mitzvah party guests to make a donation to Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel in lieu of bringing gifts. As Lee said, it was very important for her to make this occasion more meaningful. She chose Schneider Children's Hospital Bat Mitzvah Program because it is about saving children's lives.
Debora E. for Schneider Regional Medical Center

Debora Elbling celebrates her 90th Birthday

Debora Elbling was born in Warsaw in 1921, made Aliya two years later and grew up in Tel Aviv. Debora celebrated her 90th birthday with her extended family in September 2011 and expressly requested that her birthday presents be dedicated to children in the Oncology Department at Schneider Children’s Medical Center.
Baby Ella for Schneider Children's Hospital

Baby Ella Fundraising Campaign

When Baby Ella was born in London to Tova and Marc Benezra at 26 weeks gestation and weighing only 760 grams, the Benezra Family, originally from Israel, wished to make a gesture to benefit Israeli newborns. They decided to launch a fundraising campaign through UK Friends of Schneider Children's Hospital and the Just Giving website to purchase medical equipment for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Schneider Children's.
wedding and Schneider Regional Medical Center

A Wedding and A Contribution

The Neonatal Department at Schneider is in urgent need of upgrading and overhaul. In a tremendously generous gesture, Olivia and Dr. Ido Sirota dedicated their wedding gifts towards the refurbishment of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the Neonatology Department at Schneider Children's.
Miriam and David Spivak Celebrate their Wedding Anniversary

Miriam and David Spivak Celebrate their Wedding Anniversary

On the happy occasion of their golden wedding anniversary, Miriam and David Spivak, decided to dedicate the gifts they received to purchase three Asena infusion pumps for the Hemato-Oncology Department at Schneider Children’s. To mark yet another happy event in the Spivak family - Miriam Spivak's recuperation from a long illness - Miriam dedicated her gifts to the children hospitalized in the Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit.
Two Milestone Birthdays for the Est Family

Two Milestone Birthdays for the Est Family

Miriam and Haim Est chose to donate the gifts they received for their 80th and 90th birthdays respectively, to the children in the Oncology Department. At the initiative of the Ests, family and friends were asked to make a donation in lieu of presents.
Shana Cohen Celebrates her Batmitzvah

Shana Cohen Celebrates her Batmitzvah

Shana Cohen, who resides in France with her family, visited Schneider Children's Medical Center with an eye to dedicate the proceeds of her Batmitzvah celebration to benefit sick children. Following an extensive tour of the various clinics and departments at Schneider, Shana decided to direct her donation to the Oncology Department.
Eli Sasson - contributions Schneider Israel.

Eli Sasson Celebrates his Birthday

Eli Sasson, the owner of the Herzliya-based "Sasson Oriental Rugs", celebrated his birthday at the Gallery Palace Halls in Tel-Aviv in the presence of many family members and friends. Invitations to the special event stated: "We would be most grateful if you would make a contribution through Friends of Schneider Children's to benefit the children of the Oncology Department of Schneider Medical Center".
Sasha L. - Schneider Regional Medical Center

Sasha Lissek Celebrates Her Batmitzvah

Sasha Lissek, of Melbourne, Australia, dedicated the monetary gifts she received for her Batmitzvah celebration to children hospitalized in the Intensive Care Unit at Schneider Children’s. Her thoughtful donation supported the purchase of two infusion pumps.
Stefani Attias - Schneider Regional Medical Center

Stefani Attias Celebrates her 18th

In honor of the 18th birthday of their daughter, Stefani, Tessy and Abraham Attias of Monterey, Mexico made an unusual gesture. They decided to sponsor the Nurses Station in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit as an expression of their high ideals about giving to others. The Attias family has visited the hospital several times and maintains ongoing contact in the hope that their gesture will continue to set a wonderful example to their family and others.
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