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There are several ways of contributing towards the well-being of the children at Schneider Children's Medical Center. You are invited to share in the act of giving, and choose the amount and channel of giving. Every donation is meaningful and designated to specific projects and objectives.

The Association of Friends is a registered non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible under Section 46 of Israel's Internal Revenue Law. A receipt and a letter of acknowledgement are issued for every donation. Special certificates are issued for donations marking family and other special occasions.

Donations can be made through the following channels:

♦ Online Contribution

♦ Credit card details may be phoned in 972-3-9221748 / 9253481


♦ Check made out to Friends of Schneider Children's can be mailed to:

   Friends of Schneider Children's, 14 Kaplan St., PO Box 559, Petach Tikva 49202, Israel

♦ Money transfer to the Israel Discount Bank, Branch 41, Petach Tikva, account No. 3285903.

   In case of transfers from abroad - IBAN as follows: IL85 0110 4100 0000 3285 903.



Unspecified Donation

Unspecified donations are allocated by the Association of Friends in accordance with the priorities set by the hospital management in order to meet immediate needs as they arise.


Designated Donation

Donors are welcome to designate their donation towards a particular department/unit/clinic/institute of their choice. Further information can be obtained from the Association's office.


Celebrate and Donate

Donations can mark special family occasions, such as a wedding anniversary, silver/golden anniversary, bar/bat mitzvah, birthday, a new home, birth of children/grandchildren/great-grandchildren, to mention but a few. A special certificate acknowledging the donation will be issued in the honoree’s name/s.
Are you planning a special family occasion or a party? Invitations can read: "Please make a donation in lieu of a gift".


Business Community
As a referral center granting medical services to the entire population of Israel, Schneider Children’s connection with the business community is of prime importance and significance, and is also much appreciated and acknowledged.


Contributions Schneider Israel can be made in honor or in memory of a loved one. All contributions are acknowledged with a certificate. A commemoration plaque bearing the name/s of the donor/s is erected for larger donations.


Wills and Legacies

We wish you a long and healthy life, to 120!

A bequest left to benefit sick children in our care is a rewarding gesture. We ask that you consider Friends of Schneider Children's when drawing up your Last Will and Testament. It will be our honor and privilege to execute your wishes as requested.
























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