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After 20 years - A New Hospital Tower

After 20 years - A New Hospital Tower (Enlarge)

Due to the natural increase of Israel’s population and escalating numbers of pediatric patients presenting complex conditions and requiring longer hospital stays, there is a real and urgent need to expand services and facilities. Similarly, outpatient visits reached a high of 154,000 annually, and projections indicate a sharp increase of up to 200,000-210,000 visits by 2018. The hospital is already operating at 120% capacity year round. Issues such as quality of care and conditions of hospitalization are of enormous concern. It is clear that the existing facility - planned in the late 1980’s - can no longer accommodate present needs, let alone estimated projections. Given these facts, the addition of an entirely new building is imperative and pressing.

The new hospital tower will be located adjacent to the existing building. In the first stage, the structure will comprise between 16,000 sq m - 20,000 sq m (4,000 - 5,000 sq m per floor), of which 14,000 sq m will address in- and out-patient needs, while 2,000 sq m will be assigned to service-oriented objectives. The addition will increase the Schneider Childrens Hospital’s capacity by some 30%, and resolve a host of other vital needs such as appropriate space for ambulatory clinics. The modern infrastructure will be outfitted with state-of-the-art technologies and with the most advanced equipment available on the market today.

Adjustments in design will be made to conform with Health Ministry and Home Front Command regulations. The new tower will accord general changes throughout Schneider Children’s:

♦ Additional hospitalization beds to total close to 300 beds (currently 210, plus 48 for Day Care)
♦ New departments for Adolescent Medicine and Organ Transplantation
♦ Transfer of Departments for General Pediatrics
♦ Basement for logistical and infrastructure purposes as well as continuity of supplies between the two buildings
♦ Lecture and seminar halls
♦ Family services such as a shopping center and parents


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